25 Money-Saving Life Hacks for 2019

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Today’s post is a money-saving post by Aiden White, a San Francisco Writer. She enjoys writing about debts and many other financial subjects. She is the author behind consolidatecreditcard.org. I am very happy to have her contribute a guest post to my blog!

People may have started this New Year with lots of hope and life goals to improve their financial life. They are making new plans to reduce their monthly expenses, consolidate multiple debts, create savings accounts and an emergency fund to handle their money well.

Controlling your money and life may require some new hacks for saving money more easily and achieve financial freedom in 2019. These money-saving hacks are related to your day-to-day life with the goal of helping you cut costs.

In order to improve your savings this year, you will definitely require a few money-saving hacks so that you may easily wipe out all of your financial problems!

So, try to implement these money-saving hacks and save more in 2019!

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How Much We Spent in 2018 – Detailed Expenses Report

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Now that the year 2018 is finished, I thought it would be interesting to go over our entire expenses of the year. The idea is to see the aggregate view of the entire year. Most people only look at their expenses on a monthly basis. But a yearly basis can have a lot more information than that.

For instance, if you spend a relatively low amount on something, you may think at the end of the month that it is OK. But if you do the same thing every month, it can quickly pile up. Therefore, I think it is important to view the total amount of expenses as a whole for the year.

Moreover, there is also another advantage to this. It makes you check your expenses to be sure they are well categorized. Sometimes, I mix French and English names and therefore the categories are a bit screwed. Once this is fixed, it is better to have a good view of the entire budget.

In this post, I am going to go into details on the biggest expenses and the most important of the year 2018. I am also going to try to see where we can improve our expenses for 2019.

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Buy or Rent – Which is Right for You?

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This is a guest post by Jasper L. Stojanovski from Stojfinance.com. Jasper is a 19 years old man with a passion for investing that hopes to pursue a career in finance. I am very happy to have him contribute to this blog. 

Are you moving out of your home and cannot decide whether to buy or rent?
Many people prefer owning a home. However, financially, this might not be an option for you now. In this post, I will explore the pros and cons of each, so you can decide what is best for you. But before I begin, you will need to answer a few questions:

  1. How long do you plan to live here?
  2. What is the price of housing in your area?
  3. Do you have any savings?
  4. Do you have a good credit rating?
  5. Can you afford to perform regular maintenance?

Once you will have the answers to this question, you will be ready to consider whether you should buy your home or rent your home.

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2018 Top Five Posts from The Poor Swiss

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Now that the year is over, I thought it would be interesting to see which of the posts I wrote in 2018 have been the most popular. Therefore, I collected the list of the Top Five posts from the blog in 2018.

For this Top Five list, I took the five most visited posts of the year, counting page views. I did not take any pages from my blog into account. In fact, the most popular page on the website is the home page, closely followed by the About The Poor Swiss page. I should note that this may not be the best metric to check popularity. Indeed, some posts are older than others and as such have more views than really recent ones.

Moreover, even though some posts have a lot of views, they do not have a lot of comments. So this is not a perfect list. Regardless, I thought it would be interesting to see what come out!

Stay tuned for the five most-read articles from The Poor Swiss blog in 2018!

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My 2019 Goals – More Ambitious and Original

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Now that the year is over, it is time for me to set new goals for the year 2019. Last year, I started setting goals for myself. I really liked this experience. So, I am going to do the same once again with my 2019 Goals. In 2018, I have been able to reach most of my goals.

Earlier, I have reviewed the goals for 2018. I have seen that several of the goals were not really interesting. And most of the goals were not ambitious enough. For 2019, I am going to try to set better and more ambitious goals. Of course, these goals still need to be attainable. There is no point in setting myself the goal of earning one million in a single year.

In this post, I am going to go over all my 2019 Goals. It is going to be a big piece of words!

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Revolut Swiss IBAN: Top Up Your Account For Free

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I think Swiss investors will agree that the biggest problem with Revolut was that they did not have a Swiss IBAN. Some good news just arrived for us!

Revolut now includes a Swiss IBAN when you want to top it up! It means you can now top up your Revolut account for free directly from your bank account. This is great since that was missing from the start on the Revolut account.

And probably even bigger news for Revolut: they got a European Specialised Bank License! It is a big deal for the company. Revolut is now officially a bank and will soon start offering new services.

I have been using Revolut for about six months now, and I like it. During that time, I have saved a lot of money by using their free currency exchange services. I am really interested to see how they are going to implement this banking license in the future. I would really like to have a cheap and good bank account in the future.

In this post, we are going to see what do these changes mean for other Revolut customers and me! If you do not know about Revolut, stay tuned!

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2018 Goals Review – Too Easy!

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Now that 2018 is finished, it is time to review my 2018 goals. At the beginning of 2018, I set myself several goals in several different categories that I wanted to achieve during the year.

All over the year, I have tracked my goals in each of my monthly updates. Some of the goals went very well and some did not do as well. But overall, my goals were probably too simple. And some of my goals were not really well chosen. But this is all fine since it was the first year I set myself yearly goals. I need to learn from my mistakes. And next year, I am going to try to set myself better goals.

In this post, I am going to go over all my goals from last year and see how it went. I am also going to examine whether the goal was a good one to starts with or not.

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5 Money Lessons from Family Guy #1

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Do you like Family Guy? I know I do! Have you ever wondered whether you could learn some money lessons from an animated sitcom like Family Guy? If you have, this post is for you! Today, we are going to try to get some money lessons from five Family Guy episodes!

Recently, I have done the same exercise for South Park, trying to learn money lessons for five South Park episodes. I really had a lot of fun writing the previous post. The post did not generate a lot of views. But it is still fun enough so I am going to give it another try with Family Guy. For this post, I selected five episodes related to money. Now, in Family Guy, there is often no real focus during most of the episode. So it is actually a bit more difficult to find episodes related to money. Sometimes, only a part of the plot is related to money. But that is logical given the craziness of the show! Which is one of the reasons I really like this show!

For those that do not know, Family Guy is about the adventures of the Griffin Family. There are Peter and Lois Griffin, the parents. They have three children, Meg, Chris and Stewie, the baby. And they have a dog, that can talk, Brian. Peter is very dumb and so is Chris. And nobody likes Meg. Oh, and the baby is a genius that wants to kill his mom. They have highly unlikely and dumb adventures. And this makes the show really funny.

The pictures in this post are the property of Fox.

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What Would You Do If You Got Given one Million dollars?

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Today, I am going to go through a simple thought experiment: What would I do if I were given one million dollars. I am thinking of several things I could with one million dollars. I am currently at the beginning of my journey towards Financial Independence. One million is more than eight times my current net worth. So this could mean a lot of different things for me!

Now, I did not invent this thought experiment at all. It was introduced by the Saving Ninja. Actually, I did not discover it on the Saving Ninja blog. I discovered it by reading about this experiment on Retire In Progress blog.

You can find many answers from other bloggers in the original post. I thought it was interesting. So I decided to try it and report my thoughts on the blog.

The original thought experiment, proposed by The Saving Ninja, was in British Sterling Pounds. And Mr. RIP did it in Euros. In this post, I am going to talk about a million Swiss Francs (CHF). But, this is currently the same as a million U.S. Dollars. So, it is the same thought experiment as getting one million USD.

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Automating Your Personal Finances is a Mistake

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In the Personal Finance community, many people are advising everybody to automate as much as their personal finances as they can. Personally, I am not one of them. I do not automate anything in my personal finances. In fact, I do not like automation for my personal finances. I think it is a big mistake. It is a lazy excuse for not being rigorous enough to manage them yourself. The worst is actually the “set it and forget it” advice for automating your personal finances!

I will not deny that there are some advantages to automate some things in your personal finance routines. But I believe there are mostly disadvantages to fully automate your personal finances. Many people will not agree with my point of view. But I hope that will yield some interesting debate!

In this post, I am going to describe the reasons why I do not like money automation. In fact, I believe it may be a bad idea for most people to automate their finances. This is an advice that is given on way too many personal finance media. As you will see in this post, there are many reasons why automating all your finances is bad advice!

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