Emergency Fund – Do you Really Need One in 2019?

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If you are interested in personal finance, you probably have come across the term Emergency Fund. An Emergency Fund is simply some money, available directly, that you can use in case of emergency. Most people will advise you to get such an account. And they will insist heavily on this subject.

It is an interesting subject since not everybody agrees on it. Some people have an emergency fund that can cover one year of expenses. And some people think you do not need one.

Personally, I do not think an emergency fund is a bad thing. But you should be aware of its cost. It also has disadvantages. And you may not need a fund as big as some people tell you. I think that too much people put too much emphasis on the emergency fund.

In this post, we are going to see both sides of the story. We are going to see in details what an emergency fund is.

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5 More Money Lessons from Family Guy #2

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It is time for another installment in the money lessons from animated sitcoms! It has been too long since I did one of these!

So today, we are going to find out about five more money lessons from Family Guy. Out of the three posts I did so far in the series, the one about Family Guy was the best received. So I figured I better start with this one for a second part!

If you do not know this show, it is an American animated sitcom from Seth Mac Farlane. The series follows the adventures of the Griffin Family. Contrary to some other series, it does not have a focus on one character or even one story. There are generally several stories in each episode. And often, the main one is not the funniest.

In the Griffin family, there is Peter and Lois Griffin, the parents. They have three children, Meg, Chris and Stewie, the baby. And they have a dog, Brian.

For more context, nobody likes Meg, the baby is a Genius, and the dog can talk! And both Peter and Chris are pretty dumb! Oh, and the baby wants to kill his mom. It is a hilarious show!

In this post, we are going to talk about five episodes from the show with some focus on money. The idea of the series is to see if we can learn some things about money from animated TV sitcoms.

The pictures in this post are the property of Fox.

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N26 is available in Switzerland – Save on Foreign Currency Fees

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Everybody will agree with me that paying 1.5% of fees, or even more,  on each transaction abroad really sucks! That is not something you want to think about when you are on vacation or shopping online in other countries. Thanks to N26, this should never be necessary anymore!

N26 is a digital bank offering transfers in other currencies for free! Not only that. But the entire bank account is free! And they are a bank! Your money is insured according to European laws. You can even withdraw money for free several times a month! That sounds great, right?

In this post, I am going to cover everything you need to know about N26. And since I have already talked about Revolut on this blog, I will compare both services which are similar but not equivalent!

Stay tuned to find out how to save money on foreign exchange fees!

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You do not need to pay for a budgeting app!

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I strongly feel that most people need a budget. And everybody should track their expenses. However, I think that there is no need to pay for a budgeting app at all!

You should not spend money on your budget to save money on your budget!

Nevertheless, there are still many people that pay for their budgeting application. And I think for the immense majority of them, there is no need for their fancy application.

I do not think you will recoup any of the costs. And I believe that most of the features are useless if not harmful.

Let’s get into why you should not pay for a budgeting app.

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9 Simple Tips to Find Cheap Kindle Ebooks in 2019

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I bought my Amazon Kindle more than six years ago. First, I purchased the original Kindle. A few years later, I bought the Kindle Paperwhite. I have been delighted with both. It is such a fantastic thing to travel with all my ebooks in my pocket and not have five or more heavy books in my luggage.

Over the years, I bought and read well over 120 books on my Kindle. At the time, I thought it was very cheap. And indeed, I was saving money compared to print books. I realize now that this may not have been the case.

For frugal people, there is one big issue with Kindle books: You cannot buy used books. In the last two years, I almost have not purchased any Kindle ebook. Instead, I bought many used books. There is a second-hand shop near my current job. I probably bought over 40 books during this time. I bought them for less than 2 CHF each on average. And I only bought books in an excellent state.

The problem is the room second-hand books take! My bookshelf is full, and books are piling up! I am going to build a new one. But after some time, the new one will be full too. The other problem is traveling. If I need several books, it is a pain to carry them.

So I only bought Kindle ebooks for traveling. But there are still so many advantages to my Kindle. Therefore, I have been looking for ways to find cheap Kindle books. Here are nine simple tricks to find cheap ebooks for Kindle.

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6 Steps towards a Solid Budget can make you Debt-Free

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Today’s post is a guest post by Aiden White, a San Francisco Writer. She enjoys writing about debts and many other financial subjects. She is the author behind consolidatecreditcard.org. I am happy to have her as a guest poster for the second time!

“Are you worried about your increasing weight? Did you already plan your daily gym routine and diet chart after consulting an expert?”

If I ask these questions to any normal people, most of them will answer me by saying Yes!

But what if I ask someone this – “How much debts you have?” or “are you making payments on your high-interest credit cards?” or “are you worried about your increasing debt load?”

The answers you might get would not be so encouraging, trust me. But it is also a fact that a maxed-out credit card or few unpaid payday loans may increase your debt weight more than you can imagine.

So what is the option you have? Just get out of debt and improve your financial status, that’s it! And in this case, a proper budgeting strategy will help you a lot to reduce the debt burden.

How? Read on to know more.

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Guide to Taxes in Switzerland – Reduce your taxes!

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Taxes in Switzerland are quite complicated due to the multiple states. Each state has its own rules and even its software to fill your taxes. Nevertheless, it is essential to know how the taxes work to be able to fill your tax declaration.

I want to go over the details of how the Swiss Taxes work. We are going to talk about the multiple levels of taxes in Switzerland. Also, we will cover how is your income taxed and how is your wealth taxed. We are also going to see the things you can deduct from your income when you file your tax declaration and how you can pay your taxes.

Of course, we cannot talk about taxes without talking about optimizing taxes. That is probably the only reason people want to learn about taxes! In this post, I am going to share all I know about optimizing taxes in Switzerland!

Stay tuned to learn all about the taxes system of Switzerland and how to reduce your taxes!

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The Best Credit Card Strategy: No Fees and Maximum Returns

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Since I have started improving my personal finances, I have optimized a lot my usage of credit cards. I have reduced the annual fee of my credit cards to zero. As a matter of fact, I have reduced all my credit card fees to zero! That’s right, I do not pay any fee using credit cards, even for foreign currencies. This is much better than before since I did not even know I was paying too much at that time!

Moreover, I have also improved the cashback I get for each of my purchase. Now, I get up to 1% cashback on my purchases! On the other hand, to optimize my fees and cashback, I had to go from one single card to three credit cards. There is no free lunch, unfortunately.

In this post, I am going to share my entire credit card strategy. If you want to save on fees and improve your cashback, this will help you! Indeed, if you are willing to go the extra mile, you can save money and generate some small income with credit cards.

If you have an idea on how to improve my strategy, I would love to know about it!

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How to Avoid Lifestyle Inflation in 2019?

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You have probably already heard of lifestyle inflation? I have already talked a bit about that since I fell into this trap myself. It is a very important subject because many people are subject to it. And lifestyle inflation can ruin your financial life. It is important to learn how to avoid lifestyle inflation!

Lifestyle inflation is happening when your spending is going up and up. Many people when they get a raise or some extra income, they simply go with spending it all. They do not only do it for one month, but they also do it the next month as well. And the following time they get a raise, they do exactly the same. Some of them can afford it, but some people go into debt in that vicious circle.

The main problem is that most people do not consider everything there is to consider when getting some extra income. For instance, they do not consider that they will have to pay more taxes when they get more income. And they do not consider the upkeep costs of some of the things they buy. Moreover, they also do not think of their retirement. The more you spend each month, the more difficult it is to retire.

In this post, we are going to see all about lifestyle inflation. I am also going to talk about a few rules you should consider if you want to avoid, or limit, lifestyle inflation.

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Swisscard Cashback Credit Card – Free and 1% Cashback

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Recently Swisscard announced a new offer for credit cards: Swisscard Cashback. They offer an American Express (Amex) and either a MasterCard or a Visa. They already offered several cards in the past. But these new Cashback cards are really interesting.

First of all, all these cards are free! This is very important because unless you spend a lot of money, a little fee will render your cashback totally useless. But these are not the only free cards in Switzerland! What is very interesting is that they are offering 5% cashback in the first three months. After that, the cashback bonus becomes 1% on the American Express card and 0.2% on the MasterCard and Visa cards.

A cashback of 1% is more than other free cards in Switzerland are offering! Of course, you need to be able to use the card as much as possible in order to use that extra cashback. This may be difficult since American Express cards are not as well accepted as Visa and MasterCard, especially in Switzerland.

In this post, we are going to see if this offer is really interesting and if it is worth ordering a new Swisscard Cashback credit card.

As a bonus, I also share a promotional code at the end of the post that you can use to receive a 20 CHF bonus.

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