October 2020 – More COVID and quarantine

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October 2020 was a weird month. The month started well with a return to almost normal in Switzerland. And we had found a new tenant for our apartment. But then, with the cold weather came a new big wave of COVID cases in Switzerland.

With this second wave, one of my family members found out he was infected a few days after we saw him. So, we had to do a 10-day quarantine again, and we actually were both infected as well. And we missed a few important social events that were planned. And the next tenant decided not to go further, so we had to start looking again.

So, it was not a great month overall.

Let’s find in detail what happened to us in October 2020.

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Third Year of Blogging – The Poor Swiss is 3 years old!

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The Poor Swiss blog just turned three years old. It is difficult to believe it has already been three years since I started this blog.

I have done a lot of things on this blog in the last year. Some of these things paid off. Some did not. But I think the blog is in a much better place right now than one year ago, which is always a good sign. I hope you agree with me!

This article is a retrospective of this third year of blogging. I am going to share the numbers about this blog but also what went well and what did not go well.

Keep in mind that I am no blogging expert! I am just doing this on the side as a hobby.

Overall, the third year of blogging was excellent! I am happy with how it played out.

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Second year of blogging – The Poor Swiss is two years old in 2019!

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The Poor Swiss just turned two years old! I cannot believe it has already been two years since I started this blog!

I have learned a lot of things this second year of blogging. And even though not everything went well, I think the blog is much better than it was one year ago.

I am going to do a retrospective on this second year of blogging. I want to talk about the numbers of the blog. But I also want to talk about what went well and what did not!

There are some things that went really well this year. For instance, I am still having a blast at writing articles. And I was able to write more than I thought. On the other hand, some of the articles I wrote did not get as much attention as I would have liked.

Overall, I am happy with how this second year turned up. Hopefully, this blog will live yet another year!

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The 9 Biggest Blogging Mistakes I have made

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Every blogger makes a lot of mistakes in the early days of the blog. I have done many blogging mistakes myself. I am sure every single one made at least a few mistakes. And doing mistakes is fine as long as we realize and we improve from them.

Today, I want to share with you the 9 biggest blogging mistakes I did on this blog since the beginning. Hopefully, you will learn something from them and do not repeat my mistakes.

You have to remember that I am a hobby blogger with a full-time job. I cannot invest 50 hours per week into my blog in order to make it big. Even if I was a full-time blogger, I would probably still have done all these mistakes. However, I would have done them much faster.

If you think I have done other blogging mistakes, please let me know in the comments!

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How to migrate Email Followers from Jetpack to MailerLite

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I think that all bloggers will agree that a good email list is an essential part of blogging. Nobody wants users to be unable to register to the email list. That is just what happened to me with my Jetpack Subscriptions. Some users have told me they were not able to register to my email list. Therefore, I decided to migrate away and I selected MailerLite as the replacement.kondo

In this blog, I am going to go over the problems with Jetpack for email marketing. I will go over a few alternatives for email marketing and go into more details of MailerLite, the service I have chosen. You will also find information on how to migrate followers from Jetpack to MailerLite.

If you read this article but did not receive an email, you may have been part of the non-email followers before. Unfortunately, I was not able to migrate these followers to MailerLite. I hope you will take the time to subscribe once again. The form is available in the sidebar on the right of this post.

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Can you Retire Early Without a Successful Blog?

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Today, I want to discuss one question that has been on the back of my mind for a while. Can we retire early without a successful blog? The personal finance community is full of bloggers who retired early or want to retire early. However, some of these retirees are getting a hefty income from their blogs. Their examples may not be straightforward to follow without such an income in retirement.

I believe that there are three problems together in this situation. First of all, as I said, can we retire without a blog income? We are going to try to answer this question.

Second, and probably more important, you should be wary of some blogger examples. Due to the high income they get, some bloggers do not use the 4% withdrawal rule that they advertise. That means that you cannot compare your situation and their situations since they are still investing after having retired.

Their net worth keeps increasing after retirement. It is not because the 4% rule is working. It is because these bloggers do not have to withdraw from their principal. And this is not a typical case for most people who try to follow the path to Financial Independence (FI).

Finally, I believe that you should sometimes be careful about affiliate links. They may be here mostly because the blogger wants the affiliate money and not because it is an excellent product in which the blogger believes. It is not directly related to early retirees. But this is entirely related to how bloggers are monetizing their blogs.

In this post, I want to discuss these three problems in detail. I think it is essential to know about that. I went a bit overboard with the length of this post. But I think it is an important subject that deserves more coverage.

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January 2019 – Off to a good start!

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It is already the end of the first month of 2019. I am still doing the mistake of writing everything with 2018 so far. I need to get used to the new year. So far, the year started well for us and our finances.

In January 2019, we managed to save a nice percentage of our income! This is great to start the year with more than 50% of savings in the first month! Moreover, the stock market finally started recovering from the terrible last months of 2018. With this, our net worth got a very jump ahead!

As you read this post, I will already be in China where I will be celebrating Chinese new years with family in law. Thanks for the magic of scheduling posts, you will still be able to read my posts! I shall be able to read comments normally.

In this post, we are going to see what happened to us and our finances during the month of January 2019.

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December 2018 – It went by so fast!

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I cannot believe it is already the end of the year! This month went by so fast. And this year also crazy fast. It is already the end of December 2018. So, it is time for another monthly update!

This month was pretty calm. We did not do many things and not really substantial happened with our finances. Since this is the end of the year, some recurring bills are arriving now. There are also the recurring costs of gifts for our family and friends. But we have not been very spendy on that part for this year. We have been able to save 49% of our income this month. We are trying to limit gift giving and prefer doing things with friends and family.

And while nothing crazy happened for us, the stock market continued its fast decline. We are getting very close to bear market territory now. With this, we were not able to grow our net worth this month. We will have to watch the market closely next month to see how it goes.

Stay tuned to learn everything that happened to us and our finances in December 2018!

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What Would I Do If I Retired?

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There are many people who do not know what they will do if they were retired. If you are serious about reaching financial independence and retire early, you should already know what you would do in retirement. You will have a lot of time on your hands.

I already know that there are a lot of things I would do more once I retired. There are a few things I really wish I had more time to do. It is my hope that in retirement, I will be able to do more of these things.

In this post, I am going to describe the changes for me in retirement. As you will see, there are a lot of things I would like to do more in my life. I am also going to describe how I am going to organize my days. Of course, this is only a thought experiment. I am far from retirement. A lot of changes will occur in the meantime.  But it is still a nice thought experiment.

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How I Blog – How I Write Blog Posts

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It has now been over one year that I have started blogging. I have already talked about why I am blogging. Now I want to talk about how I am blogging. I am going to cover most of the things I do when I blog. I am not going to cover things I do that are not related to blog posts. But I am going to go through everything I do while writing new blog posts.

From writing new blog posts to finding images for them and share them on social networks, I am going to try to cover all the aspects of blogging. You will see that even for a small blog like mine, it is a considerate amount of work to write blog posts.

I am hoping that this will be interesting for people interested in blogging and beginner bloggers like me. Do not forget that this blog is still quite young and I should be considered a beginner!

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