Who is Warren Buffett ? The Man and His Investments

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If you are following personal finance blogs or podcasts, you probably have heard the name of Warren Buffett. He is very famous in the community. Warren Buffett is a very successful investor.

He made a fortune from nothing. Being one of the wealthiest persons in the world also helps to make him a very well-known figure. It is the first reason he is famous in the community.

The second reason is that he advised his fortune to be invested in index funds once he passes away. It is one of the few big investors who are supporting index funds. Finally, he also beat the market for many years, which is something complicated.

In this article, we are going to look at the history of Warren Buffett first. Some numbers may not seem much in the early years. You need to take into account inflation. One thousand dollars 70 years ago are worth around 10’000 dollars now. We are primarily going to focus on the most significant investment he did. Then, I am going to talk about some essential traits of this great man. It is going to be a long article!

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Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP): Take advantage of great returns!

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With my new job this year, I get access to an Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP). It is the first time I am working for a company that offers such a plan. As such, I have been researching my options for how to handle this ESPP. In this post, I am going to share what I have found out about ESPP.

An ESPP is a plan to use some part of your salary to get shares of your company at a discount price.

I am going to present many strategies that exist to decide when to sell shares coming from an ESPP. Finally, I am going to go over the strategy I chose to use for my ESPP shares.

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How to Get Swiss Driving License as a Foreigner

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Mrs. The Poor Swiss, my wife, recently started the procedure to get her driving license in Switzerland. The procedure is not too difficult. But not all the steps are obvious in the process. My wife is Chinese and she already had a driving license from China. This is what is going to interest us in today’s post.

In this post, I am going to explain the different steps in getting a Swiss driving license for a foreigner. First, it depends if you already have a driving license in your country or not. If you already have a driving license, it will depend on your country. Since Mrs. The Poor Swiss is Chinese, this post will have a Chinese bias but I am going to try to cover other countries as well.

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July 2018 – Getting back up to speed

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After a disappointing June 2018 month, we managed to get back up to speed in July 2018. We had some strong savings this month. Nothing extraordinary, but pretty good still. We were able to increase our net worth significantly.

Since today is Swiss national day, Happy National Day to all my Swiss readers.

We went to Orléans one week this month. I also spent one week in the army. It was my last five days to serve in the army! Other than that, nothing special happened. It was a good month overall. Let’s go into the details now :)

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Target Retirement Funds – Too Much Simplicity?

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We have talked about many things now in the Investing Guide for Beginners series. We have covered index funds in detail. Finally, we have covered several portfolios, such as the Three-Fund portfolio and its variants and a few other lazy portfolios. But there is something we have not covered yet. It is the Target Retirement Funds.

A Target Retirement Fund is like an automated portfolio in itself. It is a fund of funds with some allocation to bonds. And the allocation to bonds is changing over time as the time of retirement is approaching.

Many people are investing for retirement. They may know, for instance, that they want to retire in 20 years. Given that and their age, it is likely that their allocation to bonds will increase over the years until retirement. Most people will do that by changing their bond allocation every few years. Either by rebalancing or by injection of new capital. But there is another way. Target Retirement Funds will automatically change their bond allocation over time.

In this post, I am going to cover Target Retirement Funds. We are going to see what is good with them and what is not.

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7 Great Lazy Portfolios to keep investing simple

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We have already talked about the famous Three-Fund Portfolio and its variants. It is a simple portfolio made of only three funds. It is straightforward to manage yet very effective and diversified. We also saw the two-fund and one-fund portfolio. They are even more simple and, however, have many advantages. These two are called lazy portfolios. They are the most well-known lazy portfolios.

But there are more lazy portfolios that are available. People have proposed many more portfolios over the years. In this new post, I am going to cover more of these portfolios. They are called lazy portfolios because they are all using index funds. And you can kee the allocation of the different funds for many years.

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The Three-Fund Portfolio Makes Investing Simple – 3 funds are enough

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In the previous posts of the Investing series, we have covered the basics of the stocks and bonds. We also have covered index funds, in the form of mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

You should now have a good idea of how you want to invest. The problem that remains is how to invest! One solution to this problem is the Three-Fund-Portfolio.

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Our trip to Orléans, France – Beautiful City

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In 2018, we went to Orléans in France. I went there to present a paper for some work that I did at my previous company. The presentation was five days, but the first day was only starting late in the night. We finished on Friday in the morning. And Thursday was social tours by the conference. So we had quite some time for us. That is why Mrs. The Poor Swiss decided to come along as a short vacation.

All around, it was a great trip in a wonderful city. We had a great time. I wanted to share this travel with you. And also share some of the pictures we took!

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11 Things I Love about Switzerland – Beautiful Country

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Last week, I published a list of things I hate about Switzerland. Even though there are some things I really dislike about Switzerland, I love living in Switzerland. In this post, I am going to list the things I really love about Switzerland. While there was only 5 things in my hate list, there are 11 in my love list :) And there are not the only things I love about Switzerland. This tells you that I really have many more things I like about it than things I do not like.

Before you read what I love about Switzerland, you should be aware of my situation :) You have to remember that I live in the Swiss countryside. I live in a very small village. And I do not like cities. Some people like cities more than villages. But I would hate living in a city. I also like hiking a lot and I like being outside. This will be reflected in some of the things I like the most about Switzerland.

Below, you will find 11 things I love about Switzerland. They have almost nothing to do with money. And they are in no particular order ;)

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Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Arbitrage – How does it work?

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We have already covered Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) in detail. But we have not yet talked about how they priced to keep up with the price of their assets.

A significant difference between ETFs and mutual funds is that ETFs are traded on the stock market. It means people can purchase at any time of the day. It also means that the price of ETFs could be influenced by demand and offer. But in practice, Abritage is used to make sure the price of the ETFs is synchronized with the underlying assets.

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