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7 Reasons Why I Blog

Some people wonder why bloggers blog. You may want to know the reasons to blog? There are many reasons why I started this blog. I have started this blog as a simple way to keep track of my progress in improving my budget. This helped me stay motivated a lot.

Over time, I took more and more pleasure in writing posts. So I increased the scope of the blog. I have written many more articles on this blog than I would have thought. In this post, I am going to give you the main reasons to blog that motivate me.

I am not going to tell you that you need to start a blog. Contrary to most bloggers, I do not think blogging is for everybody. And not every blog is profitable, even after one year of work. But there are many reasons to blog!

1. I like to write

You may be disappointed to hear that my first reason is not to help you! But do not worry, it is also one of them ;)

I would say that the main reason I still blog is that I really enjoy writing. I like to write about almost anything. In the case of this blog, I discovered that I like to write about personal finance. I may not be any good at it, but I still like it.

Maintaining this blog has become a hobby of mine. Moreover, it is even a frugal hobby. I have to spend some money each year for the hosting, but nothing really big. It can take a lot of time but I really enjoy it. I just wish I had more time for this hobby. One more reason to try to reach financial independence ;)

I think it is also a great way to improve my writing. Even though I like writing, I do not think I am really good at it. But I am working on improving my writing! I think that some of my most recent posts are much better than some of the early posts on the blog. I hope you will agree on that. Do not forget that I am totally open on comments on my writing style. Even if you think it is terrible ;)

2. To help people

Of course, one of the reasons to blog is also to help people with their finances. For me, this is really important.

I am not a financial advisor. But you can probably learn a thing or two from my posts and especially from my mistakes. I am not going to tell you what to do with their money. You should probably make your own opinion about this.

A single blog should not make you change your financial decisions. But a collection of blogs may do it ;) I am also trying to make some well-researched posts that should help synthesize some subjects. Since there are not so many of Switzerland Personal Finance bloggers, I think my perspective is still interesting :)

From some comments I got either on the website or by email, I have already been able to help people realize that it is possible to save a significant part of their income. Frugality posts are also important because they can easily be applied to anyone. For instance, my article on reducing my rent made other people realize they could do the same.

From what I see with some of my friends and family members, many people do not realize that it is important to save money and invest. Many people do not care about the third pillar for instance. And many people do not realize that they spend way too much on some things, especially recurring expenses. I hope that some of my blog posts will motivate some people to get serious about their budget.

3. To motivate myself

In the beginning, I started this blog to motivate myself. I wanted to keep track of my progress while improving my finances. At that point, my budget was not great. I was not saving enough and spending too much. Once I started making some changes in my budget, I kept track of them with monthly updates on the blog. It may be dumb, but when you publish something publicly, it may motivate yourself to publish something that is improving.

When I started this blog, my budget was really bad and I have now a much better budget. But there is a lot I still can do. I think my situation would have been worse had I not blogged. After this, I greatly increased the scope of the blog with more posts on various subjects. I am really glad I did since this makes the blog much better. And it made me learn a lot. I am hoping that this extra motivation will make both my financial situation and my blog better in the long run!

4. To learn

If you do enough research before writing your blog posts, you will learn a lot by having a blog. This is what happened to me. I have learned tons of things since I started writing this blog. Some of the blog posts I wrote, I had no idea of the subject before I did my research. I am no expert on most financial subjects, but I spend a lot of time researching subjects before I write a post about them.

For instance, I wrote a blog post about the ETF Arbitrage mechanism.  Before that post, I knew that arbitrage was keeping the price of ETFs in check with the underlying equities. But I had no idea exactly how it was working. I read many pages on the subjects and watched a few videos about it. And after that, I think I know enough on the subject. I would probably not have learned so much on the subject if I had not written a post on the subject.

The same happened when I wrote a blog post about Warren Buffett. I had to do a lot of research and tried to get the most important information out of that research and into the blog post. I learned a lot about this great man!

You can also take the current blog post as an example. Before writing the blog post, I did not really know why I was blogging except that I liked blogging. But writing it made me realize how much I had learned with this blog. It also made me realized that I actually was able to find better solutions to some problems with deeper research.

5. To improve my spending

This one is directly related to the previous one, it is another form of learning. When I do a post about comparing several things, I have to do some research about comparing to my situation. This may end up showing that I am not using the correct solution. For instance, before I started this blog, I did not think I would need to change my credit card.

However, after I compared the credit cards offers in Switzerland, I found out that I could save money by using a new credit card. After this, I realized that I was paying too much for currency exchange transactions. Therefore, I set out to use a Revolut credit card as well for my foreign currency transactions. I had no idea Revolut was a thing before I started this blog.

Of course, it is not only because of the blog but also because of the improvement of my budget. But I think my budget would be worse now if I did not start this blog. Writing comparison blog posts force me to make complete research about my needs and the offers that are available. It often shows that I am not using the best product. It also sometimes surprises me with the results I am finding when I am doing complete research. By doing an exhaustive search, you can find new solutions, often more interesting than you would have thought possible.

6. To talk about money

Before working on this blog, I did not really talk about money. Of course, I talked about it with my parents and a few times with my friends but really little. Many people do not like to talk about it. After starting to write on this blog, I discovered I actually liked to talk about money. This blog is an excellent medium for me to talk about money. And now, one of the reasons why I blog is to continue talking more about money.

A lot of people are feeling very private about their money. I do not mind sharing a lot of the numbers. I have talked with several coworkers already very openly about numbers. Overall, I really think more people should talk about money. This would help them a lot. If I would have talked about money more before and shared my numbers with more people, I would have ended up with a better budget I think.

7. To start new discussions

On every article I am posting on the blog, I am trying to start a discussion with the readers. On some of the post, there were some very nice discussions. I have learned many things on the comments as well. For instance, some readers commented with their own experience in their own country. I am learning a lot about other countries and cultures.

This is very important because a blog should also be an open platform for discussion. I have also got a lot of recommendations from readers. For instance, I have discovered that there are better alternatives to my credit card and to my phone plan. This is also great to improve my budget. So, please, if you have a comment, do not hesitate to post it! Even if you think my articles are bad, I would be glad to hear about why they are bad :)


This is it! You now know the 7 Reasons to blog that keep me blogging. I blog because I like it and because I am trying to help people. Also, I blog to learn more things and then write about them. It is also a good medium to write about money. Indeed, I do not speak a lot about money with my family and friends.

Because of all these reasons, I am writing many blog posts on this blog and spending several hours a week on the blog. Writing this post has been really interesting for me. Actually, I did not know there were so many reasons why I blogged.

You probably have noticed that I did not mention money as one of the reasons to blog. It may be a reason for some people. But for me, this is not a reason to blog. This blog is entirely not profitable. Except for the reason I mentioned where research help me save money. But it generates no income.

Many bloggers are generating a large income with their blogs. For now, it is not one of my goals to generate income with this blog. It would be nice of course, but it is secondary. For now, I would like to develop my audience. Then, I will maybe see what I can do about generating some passive income from the blog.

If you are interested in starting a blog, you will need a hosting company. I use and recommend Siteground for this.

What about you? Are you blogging? For which reasons?

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  1. Thank you for writing this post.

    I am a first-time reader of your blog and I loved it. I share with you all the points on this article, I am also trying to improve my writing by blogging and reading other FI bloggers :)

    Nice to meet you, It’s great to meet other Europeans writing in English :)

    1. Hi Tony,

      Nice to meet you too! I haven’t seen your blog before, it’s now on my RSS reader! It seems P2P lending is getting more and more traction now.

      Good luck with your blog!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

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